Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan Supreme Court has created court rules that set out to intentionally deprive respondent parents in CPS cases of their unalienable right to Due Process in MCR 3.920(H). This conspired deprivation of rights is a federal crime under Title 18 U.S.C. I 241 & 242 where the specific intent is kidnapping Michigan Children for federal Title IVe money.

Ted Visner and Danielle Austin have challenged the MSC with regard to this specific court rule.

Ted Visner has also challenged the MSC to define who it is exactly that is supposed to be governed by the Michigan Court Rules that the MSC itself ADMITS "No attempt has been made to comprehensively analyze the court rules."

Unless Visner is killed or this website is deleted like the WiX site, you will get all the updates on these challenges here and on Visner's www.Facebook.com/ted.visner page.

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