Edward Winkler (P66504)

Edward Winkler is licensed in the state of Michigan to practice law and is located in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Because he went to law school and got his license to practice, Edward knows the very best ways to circumvent Michigan law to get done what you need to get done right away including skirting around Michigan's pesky Statutory Redemption Period in matters of foreclosure.

Because Winkler is licensed by the state he can use a Sheriff Sale Deed to esentually void the 6 - 12 month redemption period that you would ordinarly need to wait out to regain possessory interest!

This time-saving approach will save you thousands while sticking it to the owner and since it is all done under color of law, your newly bankrupted homeowner will never be financially able to sue!

Call, fax or email Edward Winkler today and ask him what he charges to use his
State Bar of Michigan credentials to steal a home for you!

1940 28th Street SE

Suite 100
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

ph: 616-243-8300
fax: 616-243-8333

Edward Winkler, as a lawyer and member of the State Bar of Michigan, used his "legal knowledge" to willfully commit injurious state and federal crimes against my family. Because Winkler is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, he is being protected by agencies purporting to be “Law Enforcement” which include the following...

Kent County Sheriff Department
Sheriff Larry Stelma
Sgt. Ben Cammenga (616) 632-6172

City of East Grand Rapids Police
Four officers

Michigan State Police
Director Kristy Etu

Edward Winkler came to our property and fraudulently used a sheriff deed to eject us from and steal our home located at 1647 Franklin St. in East Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 15, 2010. In doing this, Winker violated the following state laws. MCL 600.3241a, MCL 600.2918 and MCL 750.248b.

Winkler's criminal acts were reported to the Attorney Grievance Commission to which they replied, Since Edward Winkler is not your lawyer, you can't register complaints against him.

In the interest of fair play, here is Winkler's website which
contains all of his contact information.

If Edward Winkler has stolen property from you,
contact the MI Justice League by sending email to

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