The Criminal Prosecution of Edward Winkler, a Lawyer

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A Grand Rapids Michigan lawyer by the name of Edward F. Winkler (P66504) used a counterfeit deed to steal my family's home at 1647 Franklin St. in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

On Wednesday November 16, 2016 a suit was filed against him in the federal district court, Western District, Southern Division. Case File No. 1:16-mc-119. 

Because this case includes both civil and criminal components and also because the federal court claims that People can NOT file criminal actions, the case was not filed under CIVIL but rather under Miscellaneous. 

Article 1 § 13 of Michigan's Constitution explains the People's right to Prosecute cases in courts of this state. This includes both "Civil" and "Criminal" matters. The federal district court is a court of this state. 

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