Friday... Fearing Raid

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Friday, slightly more than the rest, fills us with an intense fear as the sun begins to set because we know that this is the favorite time for the police to raid, loot and kidnap...

It's like a game to them.

At about 6:10 tonight (10-28-16) a single engine cessna flew directly over our home in Pinconning Michigan from South to North and then circled twice over our house and then bugged out when I started shooting video, flying off to the Southwest towards Midland or Mount Pleasant.

Is this just harassment / terrorism or is it a precursor to a full on terrorist raid by police?

I informed the Bay County Sheriff Department that I was a state licensed Medical Marihuana grower/caregiver and that I fully expected them to respect and honor our privacy and our posted no trespassing signs.

Ted Visner
856 W Cody Estey Rd
Pinconning, MI
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