MMMA is an Entrapment Scheme!

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The MMMA (Michigan Medical Marihuana Act) is an elaborate entrapment scheme that allows the state to profit by making criminals out of everyday people.
This "Act" sets people up to fail and fail HARD.
The most obvious entrapping component is that caregivers are allowed to cultivate and harvest 12 plants per patient but then claims /states that the caregiver can only possess/have 2.5 ounces per patient when it is possible to exceed this amount with a single plant and caregivers are allowed to grow up to 72 plants with a full patient roster.
Section 8 of the "Act" is all about defenses. The trouble with defenses is that if the caregiver needs to rely on a section 8 defense he/she has already been arrested/kidnapped and raided and all of his/her property has already been seized/stolen and often destroyed by police and prosecutors.
The only definitive yet non-definitive amount/weight of usable marihuana is described in Section 8 which states...
"in possession of a quantity of marihuana that was not more than was reasonably necessary to ensure the uninterrupted availability of marihuana for the purpose of treating or alleviating the patient's serious or debilitating medical condition..."
If a caregiver had 6 patients including him/herself, that caregiver could grow 72 plants and it is possible to get 1.5 POUNDS or more from each plant of usable marihuana. 72 x 1.5 = 108 pounds.
6 patients x 2.5 ounces = 15 ounces or .9375 pounds.
This gross ignorance is actually intentional.
COPS read 2.5 ounces per patient and everything in section 8 is for the courts to decide.
Raids on MM caregivers generally happen this time of year (harvest time) when the cops can collect both dried undried, useable and unusable marihuana.
Raiding cops look at a hanging harvest and have the ability to count every branch as an individual plant to pad the numbers in their favor.
Then... and for good measure, the act only affords protections if caregivers are in compliance with the act and having more than 2.5 ounces per patient or accused of having more than 12 plants per patient are found to be not in compliance and the defenses defined in Section 8 of the act are made not available to the caregiver as a affirmative defenses... STATE WINS and state licensed caregivers go to prison as felons never able to grow marihuana again ! ! !
Caregivers, after being raided and looted of their harvests are ill equipped and unable to put up any real defense at all keeping this elaborate entrapment scheme hidden from the public.
Being that every component of the Michigan judiciary is so F-ed up already, state wins are assured.
In John Bendele's case in Isabella county Michigan, the prosecutor, Robert Holmes, ordered the police to DESTROY THE EVIDENCE against John. By WHAT AUTHORITY does any prosecutor have to order police to destroy anyone's personal property???
I have studied the MMMA at length and there are a great many other issues with it but I am particularly concerned with how the ACT is being used by the state to convert my fellow man into unwitting criminals.

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